Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management Contractors

Engineering Design

Our main focus is on projects where the design component is substantial. However, our contribution could involve any portion of the typical project life cycle; ranging from concept design, basic design, detail design, procurement and construction through to commissioning.

Mwangaza provides complete electrical and mechanical design services to correctly size each solar or wind energy system and provides for seamless integration into existing infrastructure. Our team has years of combined experience, ensuring in-house technical capacity.

Our extensive experience in various types of buildings, facilities and load profiles, as well as understanding the solar and wind resource characteristics in each area, ensures solar and wind systems designed to maximize cost savings.


We utilize our network of local and international suppliers to provide cost-effective and high-quality solar components. End-to-end service and a high volume of purchases allows for optimal payment terms and conditions. We are supplier agnostic and use the best products for the type of solution required.


We provide turnkey construction services to ensure one point of contact and responsibility throughout the construction process. Our construction team provide clients with surety of the construction quality, timeous delivery and post-project site cleanliness.

Health and safety, environmental compliance and other permitting are adhered to at the highest level. A test period during the commissioning of our systems allows for potential errors to be highlighted and fixed by our expert engineers on-site.

Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing (Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind Energy Products & Accessories)

As a manufacturing sector player, Mwangaza is well placed to contribute to sustainable job creation. Together with our partners, we seek to increase local content and reduce dependence on imports by manufacturing renewable energy products and accessories in South Africa. Beginning with the assembly of solar panels, Mwangaza will also seek to expand to the manufacture and supply of solar street lighting and wind energy products and accessories.

Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing (Solar-PV & Solar Thermal and Wind Energy Products & Supplies)

Mwangaza supplies solar products from leading manufacturers in the world, which include leading high-efficiency solar modules, solar inverters, solar power systems and off-grid solar power application solutions. Our focus is on solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and energy storage systems & components required for solar power generation and storage, such as modules, inverters, charge controllers, mounting systems, cables, plug connections, display and measurement technology.

We are also focused on local device manufacturing and project investment for solar energy, wind energy, energy storage, new energy automotive drive systems, floating and land-based PV power plants.

Our objective is to provide clean power for all. Not only do we intend on helping clients with the equipment solutions, but also with project development and investment in both small and utility-scale renewable projects. We aim to contribute our industrial expertise and cutting-edge technology to help clients enjoy affordable clean energy.